Class curricula at St. Johns Grammar School is designed to be flexible and used to meet the needs of the individual student. Teachers provide curriculum enrichment for each grade level.

Our Philosophy

At St. Johns Grammar School, academic skills are accelerated in an environment in which the children study in an interactive manner, as well as through traditional schooling

Class Sizes

Small schools with low student teacher ratios typically place a strong emphasis on individual and small group instruction. Many large schools rely on lecture and objective testing which reduces students' opportunities to participate.


Admissions at St. Johns Grammar School is quick and easy. The first step you will take in enrolling your child is calling our office and setting up a school tour. During the tour you will get to see our beautiful campus and any questions you have will be answered.

Special Programs

Morning Flag

The students congregate for the Flag Ceremony daily. It is an opportunity for our students and staff to thank and pray over our country, students and family.

Sign Language

Sign Language is second language at SJGS. It is a vital skill that gives our students the opportunity to engage with the world in a more immediate and meaningful way

Violin Program

Recognizing the correlation of music to academic excellence, SJGS strives to be on the cutting edge of education by incorporating a campus-wide strings music program.

Progressive Education


St. Johns Grammar School has been developing "the whole child" since 1992. Our unique approach which includes small class sizes and the use of an advanced curriculum doesn't just meet universal standards, but exceeds them, ensuring the success of our students. Hands-on interactive learning and character- building is an everyday occurrence at SJGS. The vision to create a loving and supportive environment for both the student and their families is put in motion daily and in every interaction. School community is very important to SJGS. We have learned that parent involvement enriches the lives of our student body and the school as a whole. Volunteers are embraced and very much appreciated.

Our teachers dedicate their lives to the success of their classes. Due to class size and the empowerment to run their classrooms based on the need of their students, our teachers are able to ensure no one falls through the cracks, no one goes unnoticed or is "labeled" as a problem. Nurturing guidance and innovative teaching methods leave no child behind. St. Johns Grammar School strives to provide a solid academic and social foundation for every child we have the honor to educate.

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Specials Courses, Camps & Clubs

  • Violin
  • Music
  • Art
  • Sign Language
  • Physical Education
  • Nature Club
  • Track & Field
  • Kids Club
  • Science Club