Giving Hands

It all starts with giving...

St Johns Grammar School is devoted to creating a loving and supportive environment for students and their families. School community is very important to us. Parent involvement enriches the lives of our student body and our school as a whole. Our small school atmosphere is partially made possible through parent and family volunteers, as well as donations made to the school.

Sometimes things happen that are not planned for. When this happens in a small school environment it can be devastating. Donations to the school help us cover these often unexpected costs and help make sure that we are able to keep our small school, small. By giving to SJGS, you will be helping aid our goal of creating and sustaining a family-like environment and creating life-long bonds between faculty, students, and parents.

Donations are accepted in any form. You may choose to click the button to your right and make a donation through PayPal. You may choose to make a one time donation directly to the school, or you may choose to have a small monthly donation added to your child's tuition. The choice is your, and SJGS is beyond grateful for your generosity.

Any donations that are given to the school are tax deductible. Once we receive the donation you can expect a donation receipt letter that you can use for your taxes.