Our Mission

The child-centered curriculum at St. Johns Grammar School is designed to foster the growth of the whole child and create a lifelong learner.

Our Philosophy

At St. Johns Grammar School, academic skills are accelerated in an environment in which the children study in an interactive manner, as well as through traditional schooling. To successfully accomplish this approach to learning, the following is given great importance:

Interactive Hands On Learning - SJGS, recognizing the far-reaching value of interactive, collaborative, and hands-on learning, classes at all grade levels, builds classroom time around these concepts. Education placed in the experiential realm of life remains an active part of student-owned learning.

Character Development - Each day, students and instructors work cooperatively on character development with our "Civility Rules" citizenship banners. Doing so provides opportunities to learn and practice respect, honor, responsibility, and patriotism – traditional American values we hold in high esteem and are committed to passing on to our children. We believe that a driven education, infused with sound work ethic, self-discipline, and enthusiasm for learning are essential for students to become successful. SJGS provides a nurturing environment in which to practice these qualities.

Citizenship - Citizenship is regarded highly at SGJS and is a value we strive to instill in all our students. To emphasize its importance, we encourage students to participate in multiple community service projects. Commitment to the community and successful completion of service projects is something our students take seriously.  Their dedicated participation is rewarded annually with citizenship certification.

Balanced Education - SJGS incorporates character education into daily studies and activities. We expect strong moral character to be a way of life for students. Students are recognized for acts of character in all they do, from acknowledging the success of a classmate, to participating in large-scale community service projects.

Outdoor Recreation Education - Outdoor Recreation Education and the growth of students go far beyond the classroom. Set in a natural environment, the SJGS surroundings provide for outdoor enrichment through gardening and nature trails; as well as a Native American studies program.

Our Team

Jeannine Decker


Janice Stockton

Vice Principal

Sandi Macyczko

Neuro Development Trainer

Miss Lily


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